The principles of scientific

Ghostwriting and Guest Authorship Firewall

1. The Editorial Board of “Ius et Administratio” requires that the Authors would comply with the principles of scientific integrity.

2. Sending an article to “Ius et Administratio” is equivalent to accepting that it is indicated with the Author, who is responsible for the authenticity of the submitted data. Co-authors of the publication are requested to fully disclose their individual contribution into the created publication (including submitting the information about their cooperation and the authorship of the ideas, assumptions, methods, etc.). This responsibility first and foremost rests on the Author notifying the material for publication.

3. The Editorial Board will warn against committing scientific misconducts, including such as ghostwriting (providing one’s own contribution without the revealing of his authorship or co-authorship, and in case of gratitude – without determining the contribution of its recipient), and guest authorship (indicating a person, whose author’s actual participation is minimal or none, as an author or co-author of the publication).

4. The Editorial Board will seek information about the sources of financing the publications, including the contribution of scientific and research institutions, associations and other  entities.

5. The Editorial Board will document all forms of scientific misconduct, especially breaking and breaching of ethical principles. All cases of detected scientific misconduct will be revealed, including notification of the institutions employing the Authors.